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Custom Wrought Iron Fence

Looking for something more elegant? Something to make your house or yard stand out above the rest? Steiner Fence specializes in making your custom ideas a reality. All of our wrought iron is made from stock iron into exactly what you’ve imagined.

Wood Fence

Need a beautiful addition to your yard to help contain your animals or keep your children safe? Would you like a little more privacy around your house, patio, or hot tub? Would you like an aesthetically pleasing way to contain your equine?

Vinyl Fence

Do you like the look of a bright, clean, colored fence? Do you want a fence but don’t want to worry about a lot of maintenance? With our many styles of vinyl fence we can give you just that.

Agriculture Fences

Would you like to turn your field into a pasture area or just add a few more acres to your existing pasture? Has your current fence been up for more years than it probably should? Does it need a little attention or just flat out replaced?

Chain Link Fences

Would you like an easy and inexpensive way to keep your children and pets contained? Does your business need a security fence with barbed wire or interior storage? Do you need an indoor caged storage area? Have a large dog that needs a little more restriction?

Gates and More

Do you have a fence that you hate walking around when you could just cut through? Do you need a more security on a deck or around a pool? We can make a custom gate for you out of any of our fencing types.